Sunday 4 December 2011

Broadford Cross Country Success

On Thursday morning 14 brave and hardy runners departed from the warmth of the Broadford reception area to take part in Campion Day. Last year the event was cancelled (due to snow)... but this time the blustery, wet conditions were no challenge to our children. Despite the fact that the bus company had sadly gone out of business and Mr Drakes' Cab Co had to spring into action, the children all got there in plenty of time. Practising regularly, for the last six weeks, had clearly given the children the chance to do very well and they did not let us down. Final results will be released this week as there were well over 150 competitors. It certainly has been an action packed term for sport and we are thankful that the weather has not put up any significant barriers to the events that have been organised. Well done children... a great performance!

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