Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fantasy League Festive Update - December Manager of the Month

Year 1
Lebonhang Sibanda
Blue Berries39
Yeliz Kaya
The Back Jays39
Year 2
Sharon Chiswell
Chiswell's Chancers68
Year 3
Sophie Hann
Cool Arsenal54
Year 4
Dara Adu
Team cranberry60
Year 5
prayag vekaria
super gold piverpool58
Year 6
myles agyeman
Manchester united F.C76
Year 7
danny groom
danny donuts55
Year 9
Kevin Salum
United Borough Youth FC46
Year 10
lawrence croxton
liverpool 4 eva88
Year 11
Vivian Salum
viv UNITED44
Teni Adu
Team Teni44
Left School
billy pengelly
bill united55
Staff Leader
Miss Tynan
Miss Tynan's Troopers89
Parent Leader
Mr groom
the old crocks fc82

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