Sunday, 18 December 2011

Final Christmas Post Count

When the postbox finally closed on Friday lunch time, the statistics of how many cards had been delivered was truly staggering. A team of crack posties, who had been selected from Year 6, had managed to deliver over 1000 cards to just the KS2 classrooms! Who would have thought so many could be delivered in such a short space of time?

The data - which had been collated by Patrycia - showed that the most popular class was Rowan. Close behind were Maple and in third was Elm.

After Christmas the real challenge begins of ensuring that the cards are recycled. Our eco friendly posties have vowed to set up recycling bins to make sure that none of the cards are just thrown away. Now that we have solar panels on the roof, a building that manages its own airflow and efficient under floor heating, we don't want to lose our green credentials.

Congratulations to the children, as less that 10% of the cards posted failed to get to their delivery target! This was due to effective labelling with first names, surnames and classes being clearly marked on the cards.

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