Tuesday 13 December 2011

Pupils In The Paper

Recently we have benefited from a substantial amount of coverage from the Romford Recorder. Forming a good relationship with the local press is important for us as we want all of the community to hear about the wonderful work the children are doing. For the last two weeks, Broadford pupils have been recognised as the pupils of the week. With their hard work, effort and enthusiasm the two pupils, Myles & Patrycia, were easy choices. What better way to recognise that than by publishing it in the local paper?

In addition to this we have had our new mosaic featured in the press. After working **** it for three days the children really had created a noteworthy piece of art. Beaming proudly the children couldn't wait to show it off.

We are very proud of our pupils here at Broadford and are very pleased to have the chance to share what they have done with the rest of Havering! Well done.

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