Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Joskos Sponsored Kit Arrives

Nick from Joskos came to Broadford last week to present the children with the smart black kit which his company have generously purchased for the school. Because we are now taking part in a much wider range of inter school events, we need kits for the pupils. Without the support of partners like Joskos, the funding would not be possible. However, the size of the cheque has meant that we have been able to purchase particularly smart Macron kits. Can you name a school that looks smarter on the field of play?

Nick was extremely impressed with the children and their enthusiasm. I think he would have signed up for our next match if it were possible. One thing he has done is offer us additional coaching support from one of his technicians. We expect the partnership between the school and Joskos to be one that develops over the coming years and that it will be one that really helps to improve the lives of our children.

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