Friday, 20 January 2012

Broadford 0 - 4 Upminster Juniors

(Written by our Year 6 Reporters)
On the 19th January, Upminster Junior 's girl's team were invited to Broadford Primary for a football match. With courage and bravery inside us, we rose to the challenge. Lacey Gibbons (our team captain) worked with Steve (the coach) to come up with some secret plans. Hopefully these were going to give us the edge.

With Patrycia in  midfield and Lacy partnered with Shope in defence the Broadford girls battled against the Upminster team. Unfortunately we went 0-2 down! As a result half time was a welcome break.

Steve calmed the team down and reminded us of our training. Were they going to give up? Never!

When the second half started, it quickly became clear that Upminster were going to score again. However they only managed that twice. The final whistle sounded with the score at 0-4. Steve cheered the girls up by telling them they were all brilliant. Although we had lost, the team had gained experience and made progress with our skills. Without a doubt we will be ready for our next match against Hilldene.

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