Thursday 26 January 2012

Girls Football Result: Hilldene 2 - 1 Broadford

Looking resplendent in their black and pink kit, the girls took to the pitch brimming with confidence. In their recent coaching sessions (with Steve) there has been a great improvement. Hilldene kicked off. Immediately Lacey surged forward, pressing the home side for the ball. Throughout the first 15mins, Broadford maintained this level of pressure... but were unable to breakthrough.
When they were presented with a throw in, Hilldene acted quickly. A long throw over the top released their striker, who managed to tuck the ball passed Mia.
Despite this, the girls did not lose heart. Charley led the fightback, forcing her way into the Hilldene penalty area. Desperate not to waste the chance, she struck the ball firmly and scored an equaliser!
In the second half, the soft surface began to take its toll on the team's legs. Looking a little tired, the girls conceded possession and could not get back quickly enough to defend. Hadoram, playing at centre half, made a valiant attempt at a block... but it wasn't enough. Hilldene had scored.
Although the result was a loss, the girls left the pitch with their heads held high. The game had showed a solid improvement since the match against Pyrgo, and bodes well for the fixture on Friday at Clockhouse Primary.
Well done girls... and you looked amazing!

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