Friday, 13 January 2012

ICT Training For Parents

Training for Parents:

We will be offering the first of our ICT training sessions for parents on the 26th January at 9.10am. If you would like to attend, please inform the office. We would like to get an idea of numbers to ensure that we have enough machines available on the day.

The session will be a chance to look at and explore the different resources that you can access with your child at home. We will have three members of staff on hand to support you and answer questions.

In the meantime there is a starter guide here so that you can familiarize yourself with our MLE if you so wish.

Introducing the MLE

for Parents / Carers

What is the MLE?

The ‘MLE’ (Managed Learning Environment) is a secure website provided by Fronter and maintained by Broadford staff to support teaching and learning in a safe online environment. Pupils can easily access content added by their teachers, view photographs of school activities, contribute to discussions, create or upload their own documents and communicate with other children in the school.

Access to the MLE

Go to and follow the link to our MLE. When prompted, enter the unique username and a password that your child has been given by their teacher. Children must not share their passwords with anyone except their parents / carers and they should always log out when they have finished using the MLE.

Reporting Problems

Pupils will be taught about appropriate ways to communicate on the MLE but if anything is causing your child concern they should inform their teacher immediately. Teachers will deal promptly with any problems that are reported to them.

Supporting your child

We feel that this site is an invaluable resource that can only improve your child’s experience at school as well as their skills and knowledge when dealing with the world at large. Please encourage your child to use the MLE and take some time to enjoy this fantastic resource with them.

Other web resources

Please have a look at the Mymaths resource:
Our username is: broadford
The password is: distance

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