Sunday, 8 January 2012

More Bronze Award Winners

Every time the children complete a piece of outstanding work they earn a merit. To recognise this they get a sticker for their tracker cards. Currently there are three levels to complete: bronze, silver and gold! Amazingly we have a number of children who have already completed their Bronze trackers... some have even begun collecting stickers towards their Silver ones.

The latests superstars to have completed their Bronze trackers are: Shope, Elsaf, Samantha and Dara. Wel done to all of you. Without a doubt you have worked very hard to complete your first tracker.

When the children get onto the Silver they have to collect 25 stickers (instead of the 20 on the Bronze). They also get to earn a Silver pencil. The Gold is even harder - 30 stickers. Will anyone be able to complete the Tracker Challenge?

Keep an eye on the website for regular updates on pupils who have completed their cards.

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