Monday, 27 July 2015

3-D Artwork

In their art classes our pupils have been taking inspiration from paintings and turning them into 3-D models. George White took the famous image of 'The Wave' (a Japanese painting). By using a layered approach he gave his sea a really stormy feel!

"I thought the picture was really scary. What if you were in a boat at the bottom of the wave? It would feel like your world was going to end! However the arch of the water and the blue and white colours still make it look beautiful."
George White

Daisy chose her favourite piece of art by Van Gogh and used it to help design her own bedroom.

"I thought the picture made the bedroom looked very different to mine. However it did seem to be warm and comfortable.It was hard getting the size and scale of the objects right, but in the end I think it looked quite good!"

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