Thursday 16 July 2015

Bouncy Castle Day 2015

This year we had another fun filled day with a wide collection of bouncy castles. We were able to share the experience with some pupils from Bannockburn Primary - who had travelled all the way from Greenwich to be with us!

Why do we have Bouncy Castle Day?
Pupils are set the target of 95% attendance for the year. If they achieve that goal by coming to school every day then they earn themselves a session on the bouncy castles as a reward. Throughout the year there are a number of ways you can earn recognition for your attendance...

  • 100% Cupcake parties for classes where everyone attends for a whole week
  • Attendance badges if you manage to get 100% for the whole term
  • Certificates for 95%+ and 100% at the end of each half term
  • A class reward of a trip to The Brewery if you win the Attendance League
  • A cupcake party with the Governors if you have a perfect attendance for the whole year
Pupil Values
We also have the bouncy castles as a reward for the pupils hard work and achievement throughout the year. This year we have achieved our best Level 6 scores and our highest Level 5 scores. Our Year 1 pupils are above National Expectations for the Phonics Screening. Across the school pupils have been doing their best in every lesson, which ensures they make all the progress they can!

Mr Drakes expects us to work hard. If we do that every day we will do well in our learning and he will reward us!

I love Bouncy Castle day and look forward to it all year. It is so much fun and there is free ice cream! I know I can have more time if I just turn up every day

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