Friday 4 March 2016

Healthy Lifestyles Workshop

This week our Year 6 pupils benefited from an A-life healthy workshop. This included 20 hands-on, games-based activities which were fun and educational.

This workshop really brought the Healthy Lifestyles message to life in a fun way and gave the pupils hands on opportunities to explore and experience the science of being healthy. We found that the resources and activities covered aspects of the PE & PSHE curriculum as well.
Francesca Porter - Year 6 teacher

The pupils completed a wide range of activities covering the following topics: a balanced diet | the importance of exercise | healthy teeth | hygiene | importance of sleep | where food comes from | how food grows | nutritional values | lifestyles past and present | food nutrition traffic light system | consequences and effects of smoking, drugs and alcohol | eating too much sugar, salt and fat.

I had no idea that alcohol can stunt your growth when you are a teenager. I want to be tall, so I won't let my friends talk me into it. 
Endurance Obazee - aged 11

Some of the facts were quite scary. We learned about how alcohol affects your liver. In some cases you may even need a transplant. You don't realise quite how much harm you can be doing to your body!
Sophie Adams - aged 11

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