Tuesday 15 March 2016

WE Day UK 2016

Two pupils from Broadford Primary, Leo Mbata & Temira Hascar, had the exciting opportunity to present their Community Action project #wearekind at the WE DAY UK celebrations last week. Held at Wembley Arena, We Day UK is an inspirational event which helps to empower a new generation to focus on how the actions of individuals can have the power to transform communities.
In front of 12,000 guests, Leo and Temira explained their project.
'#wearekind is about inspiring pupils to carry out small acts of kindness: offering your seat on a bus, paying a compliment or maybe just smiling at someone. These small things can help us create a kindness revolution'
Leo Mbata - aged 9
'This was a fantastic chance for our pupils to experience speaking in an unparalleled stadium-sized event. Their idea is simple but it could have a profound impact on our school and local community. We were so proud of how they pitched their bid to Unilever and the way they presented their ideas at the WE DAY event. Hopefully more people will be inspired to follow the message in #wearekind.'
Mrs Lois Nicholls - Deputy Headteacher

We Day UK is part of a global event that brings together world-renowned speakers and performers to honour the contributions of young volunteers and kick-start another year of change. 

For Broadford Primary, this is much more than a one-day event. We Day is the launch pad for a yearlong program, which offers our pupils the chance to take part in campaigns to helps to turn their ideas for social responsibility into a reality.'
Malcolm Drakes - Headteacher

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