Monday 21 March 2016

Reading League Winners

We are delighted to announce the newest winners in the Broadford Reading League. After a closely fought contest, The Fairy Girls & Beat The Book teams finished at the top of the table.

As a reward for their impressive reading habits, the pupils will all be enjoying a trip to see the London Lions on the 17th April!

Why have a reading league?
We believe in continuously strengthening our culture of reading within the school. This competition inspires the children to read collaboratively, undertake challenges, interact with the library and enjoy good stories. We believe in looking for opportunities to close the cultural deficit that many of our pupils face. Taking the children to a live sporting event is a fantastic experience that they may not otherwise enjoy.

How does it work?
Pupils have to enter themselves into the competition - either in teams, pairs or individually. They then accumulate points through the different reading activities. Miss Sparkes keeps a running total and the awards the final certificates.

What do the pupils have to do?
It's very simple...

  • read books
  • enjoy the books
  • review the books
  • complete challenges on the books
  • return the books
  • do it over again!
100% of pupils enrolled in the league say that it has encouraged them to read more regularly
100% of pupils say that they have enjoyed being part of the competition
74% of winning pupils had never been to a sporting event before
90% of pupils strongly agree that they have continued to read more even once the competition is over!

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