Wednesday 21 July 2021

Competition Winners - House and Attendance

Congratulations BLUE house! 

This year’s house competition sees Blue House winning the most house points. Well done to pupils in Yellow House, Red House and Green House; it really was very close! 

To earn house points children have been caught doing their jobs: being kind and polite; trying their best and turning up on time and being present in lessons. 
  • “I worked hard in Literacy and made sure I proofread my work before handing it in.” 
  • “I was kind to someone in my class when they were upset.” 
  • “We helped our teachers by doing lots of jobs in the classroom.” 
  • “I found some maths really hard but I was resilient and kept trying. My teacher was proud of me and I’m proud of myself!” 
As a reward, BLUE House enjoyed a cinematic theatre show: Treasure Island and extra trail time outside.
Attendance AwardCongratulations to Ash and Rowan class for achieving the highest attendance since being back at school.  As a reward, Ash and Rowan were invited to watch a production of Treasure Island and enjoy time on the trail with the new equipment.

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