Friday 9 July 2021

London Rocks 2021!

Wow! The children of Broadford should be so incredibly proud of themselves after their outstanding performance at the London Rocks tournament. The results are in and it was a VERY competitive one. A total of 371 schools, 3,519 classes, 42,705 pupils took part and answered a total of 48,771,997 questions correctly! 

We are so proud to say that Broadford Primary came 5th out of all the schools in London - an amazing achievement!

A special congratulations to our top three contributors in the whole school:

1st - Hashir

2nd - Liroshan

3rd - Aksanan 

Also, a huge well done to all the top contributors in each class across the school:

Year 1: Liroshan, Teo, Chuka, Veer, Elena, Muhammad, Chidera, Sophie, Dhriti

Year 2: Hashir, Ipsa, Chisom, Karimah, Lily-Anne, Louie-Ray, Ali, Oliver & George

Year 3: Shivangi, John, Kevin, Aksanan, Anish, Anna, Adu, Mason & Aimen

Year 4: Dhriti, Harvy, Ife, Nana, Victoria, Jessica, Adam, Iniya, Chidubem

Year 5: Israel, Moyin, Andrew, Malachi, Harry & Leah

Year 6: Kiera, James, Roxy, John, Kyla & Joe 

You are all superstars! Keep on rocking!

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