Friday 6 January 2023

University of Broadford 2023

At Broadford, we believe that the pupils should have the opportunity to choose a topic or skill that they would want to learn about. We believe that staff should have the opportunity to use an interest or skill of their own to inspire a high quality experience for the pupils.

Broadford University runs every Spring Term for ten weeks (Starting on Friday 13th January 2023) The staff decide on a course that they might be able to offer:  for example sewing, cookery, literacy and dance. The pupils then sign up for the course they are most interested in.

Each week - on a Friday afternoon - our pupils have an hour long session learning and developing this new skill. At the end of the course, the pupils graduate with their degree!

Over the next couple of weeks the children will be bringing home a course overview to share with you, for the course they have chosen.

We look forward to welcoming you to their graduations when their courses are completed. This will give the children an opportunity to share with you what they have accomplished throughout their time doing their course. You will receive more information regarding this nearer the time.

What is Broadford University

Broadford University is a 10 week programme that runs in the Spring term. The idea is to:
  • expose pupils to subjects and activities they would not normally experience
  • give them the chance to broaden their vocabulary with subject specific terms (meta language)
  • develop an idea to a greater depth - as there are 10 hours given to each course
  • allow pupils to work on a subject/course of their choosing
  • give pupils the chance to work with children beyond their Year Group, allowing them to develop their resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and refectiveness skills together
  • encourage pupils, at the earliest possible point,  to consider further education as a possible root to a future career

We can not wait to start University of Broadford, next week, and to see the children enjoying the course they have chosen and learning new skills each week. 

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