Monday, 23 January 2023

University of Broadford - The Ultimate Chess Champion Overview

The Ultimate Chess Champion

Ambitious Aims

Chess is an inspiring game for inquisitive minds. This degree course will cover everything a young player needs to know, from how to set out the pieces, special moves and tactics, to how to win a game.

Amazing Activities
  • History of chess, about the board and how to set out the pieces.
  • How the Queen moves, capturing and taking prisoners.
  • Promoting pawns and the special first move.
  • The most important piece - The King! Three ways to escape from check.
  • A first game with three pieces. The Pawns, the Kings and the Queens.
  • The rooks, the protectors. The Knights, how they capture and protect.
  • Exchanges – it is a bad swap if you lose a piece that is worth more than the one you take.
  • The Bishops – one moves diagonally on the dark squares and the other on the light squares.
  • Special moves – Castling and En passant.
  • Creating your own chess guide to teach others how to play chess.

Fantastic Finale

Students will have the opportunity to display their ultimate chess guides and teach others the rules of chess. Children will compete against each other, showing others the skills they have learnt over the course. Who will be the ultimate chess champion?

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