Friday, 13 January 2023

University of Broadford - Fashionistas


Course Overview with Mrs Doughty and Mrs McFarlane

Ambitious Aims

Each session the children will be working on developing their creative skills. They will begin by forming a brand for what will be their finished product. They will learn how to add embellishments to make their products sparkle - giving their design the WOW factor!

Amazing Activities

  • Week 1: Introduction to the course - working on a brand logo.

  • Week 2: Designing a character that expresses their style and personality.

  • Week 3: Creating templates and transferring their designs onto their bags.

  • Week 4: Adding colour to the bags.

  • Week 5: Making the bags personalised with lettering and outlining..

  • Week 6: Adding embellishments to make the bags sparkle. 

  • Week 7: Using wool and ribbon to make pom poms and bows.

  • Week 8: Working on those finishing touches!

  • Week 9: Preparation for the Fantastic Finale - complement cards and catwalk!

  • Week 10: Our Fabulous Finale - date to be confirmed.

Fantastic Finale

For the Fantastic Finale the students will show off their beautifully created bags. They will explain, in detail, how they achieved their finished masterpieces!

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