Friday 31 May 2013

Fact Hunters: Bull sharks, dinosaurs and grass snakes

John Batt
Incredibly the South American bull shark migrates about 2,300 miles (3700 km) seasonally, travelling from the upper Amazon river to the sea.

Gabriella Asllani
Did you know that there are 35 types of wild cat? Some of these include: cheetahs, bob cats, sevals, oncillas and cougars.

Natalie Towner
Did you know that the Argentinosaurus was the largest meat eating dinosaur? It could grow up to an incredible 37.5 metres long and lay eggs the size of a rugby ball!

Louise Paius
Grass snakes prey almost entirely on amphibians, especially the common toad and frog. Incredibly they are also strong swimmers although they prefer to live in woodland.

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