Thursday 30 May 2013

Tracker Awards

Bronze & Silver Tracker Awards:
Congratulations to Kynan Omondi, Dylan Parker and Alfie McKatherine who have completed their Bronze trackers this week. 

Gabriella Asllani, Sabina Kopkova, Reanna Rae Wealand, Taylor Barnfield, Maisie Clark, Kie Allen, Ellie Jo Pack, Natalie Towner, Deborah Mushonga, Evan Andrews, Georgia Brooks, Emma Bloy, Teddy Pilcher, Sam Murcia and Lucy Stevens have earned their Silver Pencil. 

Meanwhile, Toheeb Gbadamosi, Dara Adu, Nathan Owsley and Kieran Dansey have stuck the final merits onto their Silver trackers to earn their second certificate.

Louise Paius and Bobbi Jade Hek have now shot onwards to complete their Gold Trackers and move to Platinum!

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