Thursday 30 May 2013

Weekly Awards: I Got Stuck, MDA & Project Superstar

I Got Stuck Today!
Well done to Charly Wallace, Drew Burkett, Saffron Lubin, Kye Smethurst, Keeley Vann, and George White. By getting stuck they showed that their brains had to work. Although they may have got stuck this week, they showed resilience and learnt something new!

MDA Award Winners:
These pupils have been very kind and polite during their lunchtimes and helped the MDAs out enormously. Well done to: Simona Racklevicius (KS2) and Maison Sheriff (EYFS)

Project Superstars:
These pupils have been working hard at home on their individual projects. It has been great to see the information they have researched and the resourceful way they have made books, models and other items to support their learning. Well done: Daisy Paius, Sam Murcia, Maria Paius, Thelma Amankwah and Samson Wright.

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