Monday 6 May 2013

Fact Hunters: Perfume, planets and penguins!

Holly Maskell
Did you know that penguins can hold their breath underwater for 20mins? Strangely penguins walk on the soles of their feet rather than their toes.

Zaima Abidin
Did you know that whale sick is used to make perfume and cosmetics? One man found a lump on a beach that was worth £100,000!

Oliver Hatwell
During the summertime, human hair grows 10-15% faster than in the winter. This is because warm weather enhances blood circulation to the skin and scalp. In cold weather, when blood is needed to warm internal organs, circulation to the body surface slows and hair cells grow less quickly.

Mitchell Pack
Did you know that the basking shark uses more than 5,000 gill rakers to strain plankton from around 1.5 million litres of water per hour. Basking sharks are born travellers, covering large distances in search of food, at the very leisurely pace of only three miles per hour.

Ellie Jo Pack
I bet you didn’t know that the crocodile shark is named for its prominent, spike-like teeth, and its habit of snapping vigorously when removed from the water!

Kieran Wright
Amazingly Pluto is smaller than the Earth's moon. In addition the colour of Pluto is reddish-brown. Although it is too small to be a planet, Pluto has an enormous moon for its size, Charon. It is more than half the size of Pluto

Holly Clark
Because your mouth has such a rich blood supply, your tongue is able to heal extremely quickly.

Ethan Borrell
The moon takes approximately 27 days to orbit the Earth. Our moon is estimated to be 4.5billion years old!

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