Friday 3 May 2013

Fact Hunters: Dogs, elephants and DJs

Olamide Otegbola
Did you know that the longest Disc Jockey session was 84 hours! That is a very long time to be listening to music.

Sophie Hann
Amazingly the world’s longest mountain range lies under the sea. The mid Atlantic ridge runs for approximately 11,000km.

Yeliz Kaya
Yeliz has found out some facts about Pitbull dogs. Every breed of dog is susceptible to certain health problems. Pitbulls are prone to health problems and illnesses such as:

- Hip Dysplasia (abnormal development of hip joints)

- Breathing Difficulties

Drew Burkett
The 1080 is a skateboarding stunt, performed on a skateboard ramp, in which the skateboarder makes three full revolutions while airborne. It was first completed successfully by a 12-year-old American, Tom Schaar, on March 30, 2012

Tony Batt
Amazingly an African elephant can hold six litres of water in its trunk, which it either squirts or drinks.

Brandon Lee Bundy
Incredibly Great White sharks, after eating a seal or a sea lion, can last a month or two without another big meal.

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