Tuesday 7 May 2013

Free Bike Marking on Tuesday 21st May: Session 2

We are delighted to offer your children a second free Police Bike Marking session. The Police are coming in on Tuesday morning this time… all you need to do is bring in your bikes! After the success of the last session and the press coverage we received, the Safer Transport team were very keen to come back and offer another date for anyone who missed out.

Last time the KS1 pupils were on their day out to Bedfords Park, so many of them may want to bring their bikes in.

They will be labeled with a sticker and discreet security paint so that any bike thieves are deterred. Should the bike go missing, the security marks make it much more likely that the bike will be returned to you.

If the children bring the bike in in the morning, it can stay here all day and they can take it home again after school. They will just wheel the bikes to the back of their classroom ready for the security marking session.

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