Thursday 21 August 2014

Broadford Bike Club

With the aim of improving bike riding safety we have been enthusiastic participants in supporting Bikeability for many years now as well as programmes for the younger children. However it has become quite apparent that whilst many children are technically more competent there are two underlining concerns
  1. The general fitness of the school children
  2. The lack of opportunities to apply the skills learnt once the training has finished
At Broadford we have now created a Bike Club programme which will take place every month. Bikeability Level 2 students are invited to participate in a 2 hour bike ride which includes Clothing and Maintenance Checks along with learning modules to help remind students of general bike handling safely.

So far the Bike Club's students have really enjoyed riding on the key bike route 136 which is nearby. Already some of the less fit children are finding the ride less arduous and the children have stated they are  riding their bikes between clubs with adults or older children. 

"Until the bike club started I didn't get to go out on my bike at home much. I didn't realise there were so many local bike rides to do and that all my family could give it a go. Now I go out regularly with my family!" Keeley King Year 6 

In addition to the above reasons, the Bike Club has proved a great opportunity for pupils to prove they are confident and able in a particular area. The direct and positive impact this has on their self esteem has helped their academic performance in class.

"If school is only about maths and English, it can be hard for some pupils to feel really good about themselves. By adding this club to the curriculum - and at no charge to the pupils - several of the pupils have shown real improvements in motivation and engagement. When they are on the bike, they are the leaders, the most confident cyclists and are able to support other pupils." Miss Reynolds Year 5&6 Leader

We are looking forward to carrying out more bike clubs during 2014/15 and become Havering fittest and most proactive bike riding school.

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