Tuesday 5 August 2014

EOY Awards - 4Rs

At Broadford we have defined the skills that the children need to have for effective learning as:

  • Reciprocity - shown interdependence, collaborated with other effectively, listened to others, imitated effective ideas and displayed empathy
  • Resilience - shown perseverance during challenging tasks, managed distractions to stay focused, noticed patterns in learning, been absorbed in your learning
  • Resourcefulness - been curious about learning, made links between ideas to help solve challenges, used your imagination effectively, reasoned methodically and made the most of resources
  • Reflectiveness - planned carefully, revised ideas following feedback, identified key features, talked about their learning
By using a consistent language to praise the children for the progress we will be able to encourage a growth mindset - failure is something to be embraced as it always teaches you something new!

At the end of the year, teachers choose pupils from their class who have demonstrated these skills well throughout each of the three terms. 

Look out for the blog posts that celebrate the children chosen for these end of year awards.

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