Thursday, 14 August 2014

Times Table Challenge

Don't forget to practise your times tables over the Summer. The new challenge will start in September. This time there will be a set number of prizes up for grabs if you manage to beat Mr Drakes. Manage to answer your Rock Star Times Table questions quicker than your Headteacher and you will be able to select a prize up to the value of the following amounts:

1st prize - £150
2nd prize - £100
3rd prize - £70
4th prize - £50
5th prize - £30

Last year Yinka and Success both managed to achieve this feat. Between them they won a PSP Vita, Arsenal football shirt and Nike trainers! All that for simply learning their times tables. Both boys were able to answer 60 questions (a mixture of multiplication & division) in under 50 seconds... which is very fast.

"I just practised for a bit each day. At first I didn't seem to be getting better, but then I noticed that I was answering more questions correctly than anyone else in the class. Once I got my times down to less than a minute I knew I could go fast enough to beat Mr Drakes. My worst question is 11 x 11... so I made sure that I practised that more than the others. When I beat him, it felt amazing!" - Yinka Busari

"My top tip is to make sure you practise every day - and make sure you do the division questions. It is no good just learning the tables in order... you've got to mix it up. Mr Drakes is super fast! Success Hartford

So, have you got what it takes to be the next winner?

"It has been really pleasing to see how this competition has fired up the children to learn their tables. They love the Rock music, the chance to beat Mr Drakes and the prizes." Mrs Gordon - Chair of Governors

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