Thursday 30 October 2014

Employment & Training Opportunities: Your Views!

On the 19th November we have Nicole Doherty & John Hitchin from Renaisi coming in to talk to us. Their company is working with Chris Hobson from the Local Authority to look at employment and training opportunities for parents who live in Harold Hill. Their aims are to:

  • identify what opportunities are out there - either in Harold Hill or in nearby areas
  • create a clear pathway for parents/adults to be able to access jobs and skills
  • involve other providers: job clubs, colleges

They would be very interested to hear feedback from parents:

  • what involvement/support may you already have had from your local school?
  • do you know what the pathways are to get into work or training?
  • what feedback do you have about the opportunities for employment/training on the Hill?
  • what would you like to be improved about support for those in post 16 education and the links to apprenticeships and further training?
  • what are the key problems/barriers people from this area present with in terms of their ability to move into paid work?
  • Are there any specific barriers that relate to Harold Hill in particular (e.g. transport)
  • What's missing from provision to support parents/residents into work? Is there a perceived value in it? What would be the impact on children's education?
If you are able to share your views with us then please see Mr Drakes on the gate or speak to Mrs Taylor in the office, or email us with your thoughts, questions and suggestions.

Following the meeting we will provide feedback to the Parent Council and let you know what further information is available through the blog.

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