Tuesday 14 October 2014

Walk to School - WoW

The WoW Scheme

Living streets’ Walk once a Week (WoW) scheme is a year round incentive based imitative encouraging primary school children and their families to walk to school, and last year they worked with over 300,000 pupils across the UK.

The concept is simple, children walking at least once a week are rewarded with a monthly collectable badge, based on a fun and engaging theme, this year’s being “When I Grow Up” exploring the dreams and ambitions of pupils.

Why take Part?
We are running the WoW scheme again this year and the benefits of walking to and from school are wide ranging, including

Eco friendly – it’s a cost-effective and fun way for everyone to do their part for the environment.
Safety – not  only is it a perfect time for children to learn important road safety skills, but more walking to school means fewer cars crowding the school gates.
Healthy body – the walk to school provides regular exercise to help children stay fit and healthy and makes them more alert and ready to learn.
Hidden treasures – Walking to school can help pupils build confidence and independence, and develop their knowledge of the local community.
Fun and social – it’s an ideal time for children and their families and friends to spend together.

How it works?
Your child will bring home an activity diary which will allow each child to track their own walking activity across each school term. Packed with games, information and activities for pupils and parents/carers, it is an excellent resource to encourage your child to walk to school at least once a week.

Three Easy Steps
Step 1 – Walk or park and stride to school at least once a week.
Step 2 – Keep track of your walking activity on your WoW dairy.
Step 3 – At the end of each month take your diary to the Junior Travel Ambassadors and collect your badge as a reward. 

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