Tuesday 19 June 2018

Poetry Festival 2018

At the start of the Poetry Festival each year, we have a joint performance from our Mead & Broadford pupils. Despite only having a short time to read and rehearse the challenging poem our pupils gave a great rendition.

I loved performing as part of a larger group. It was nice to have our Broadford friends with us. I know alot of them anyway and we have done lots of different things together now. 

Learning this poem was tough, but I really enjoyed it. Because we were a large group it didn't matter if you made a small mistake, the others could help you out.

We believe that one of the strengths of our Federation is the way we build in chances for the children to come together for joint experiences. This week we have had our Year 5 pupils from both schools enjoying a joint residential trip to Mersea island, while our Year 4s combined for the Poetry festival. The impact of this is that the children really agree that they feel they are part of a much wider community and get extra opportunities as a consequence - 87% strongly agreed in the pupil survey.

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