Monday 4 June 2018

Royal Wedding Celebrations

A huge thank you for the magnificent effort that went into providing our pupils with their fabulous, regal outfits. Adorned with magnificent headgear they all looked ready to travel to Windsor and be part of the ceremony.

Facts about Meghan:
  1. Her real name is Rachel. Rachel Meghan Markle.
  2. She used to work as a professional calligrapher(maybe she will be handwriting the invitations!)
  3. She has 2 dogs. Named Bogart and Guy and Ellen DeGeneres persuaded her to adopt one of them
Facts about the wedding:
  1. Harry must get royal permission to marry under the Succession to the Crown Act. As he is 5th in line for the throne this is a legal requirement.
  2. They will live in Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace. After the marriage, though we’re sure they will be travelling the world together.
  3. The date of the wedding. It is the same day as the FA cup final and the day that Ann Boleyn, wife of King Henry the 8th was executed in 1536.

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