Friday 8 June 2018

Redbridge Cycle Centre 2018

We were delighted to take our More Able Y6 cyclists to the Redbridge Cycling Centre to apply their skills... and establish who is Top Gun in the Mead vs Broadford Federation Challenge. We believe it is vital to keep raising the bar for the pupils and placing them in challenging contexts to implement what they have learnt.

Redbridge CC is a fantastic facility for cyclists of all abilities, from families to competitive riders. The Centre has purpose built road, BMX & off road tracks.

I couldn't believe how steep the Hoggenburg Hill was! Phil had told us that it would be a great place to use our gear skills... but it took a lot of puff.
Charlie - Broadford

Having completed their Ready to Ride checks with their bikes and equipment, the children had a chance to explore the road track, before embarking on a series of speed and control challenges.

We really saw why the skill of changing gears is so important in a race. When you are going downhill you need to change gears to help you pedal and go as fast as possible. However when the slope kicks in, you have to change gears again quickly so you don't lose momentum. If the person in front of you got it wrong you could quickly catch them up!
Stefan - Mead

It was a close fought competition, but there wasn't a doubt about the winner... Mead! Well done to Stefan, who finished a clear metre in front of the first Broadford bike - Martin.

The cycling curriculum at Broadford & Mead is a great example of how a school can help foster a love of a sport in children. I have worked with these children for four years. To see their confidence on a bike - and that competitive spirit is delightful
Phil Myrlea - Cycling Coach

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