Friday 21 September 2012

Attendance Update

Key Stage 1: Pine Key Stage 2: Birch & Rowan Overall Score: 98.66%

 Once again we have extremely positive news to share with our attendance figures. Two classes – Rowan & Birch – managed the achievement of scoring 100%. Well done you! In addition we had another five classes whose attendance was over 99%. Keep this up and we will have one of the best attendance rates in the authority and of course our achievement and attainment will benefit enormously. Great job mums and dads on the punctuality.

Our late figures are showing a real improvement, so thank you for setting the alarm five minutes early! We do keep a record, not just of your child’s attendance, but how many minutes late they are as well. If you miss just 10mins of school a day that is equivalent to 26 hours of learning – which is a solid week of school!

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