Sunday 16 September 2012

House Captain Election Results

This week the Year 6 pupils had to prepare for their speech to their house team. Those brave pupils - who were prepared to stand in front of around 60 of their peers - had to speak about why they would make an effective leader. Honesty, sporting excellence, enthusiasm and being approachable: these were qualities that all the contenders referred to.

Certainly the pupils had a difficult choice to make? Who would be best placed to lead them to House point glory? Which house would be winning the half termly cake and drink? Could it be their year to win the inter house competitions?

Below are the names of the pupils who were elected on Wednesday. Congratulations to them. Each receives a house badge to wear on their jumper. In addition there will be a house display in the corridor. Each week the house captains will collect the points and read the results out in assembly.

Strategy meetings have already been called by Beth & Tommy - who are desperate to win the trophy again.

Well done to all the pupils who stood for election. It is not easy to stand up in front of a crowd and give an effective description of why you are a worthy leader. It is heartening to see so many pupils with the confidence to get up and have a go!

Faringdon (Red)

Captain - Mia Rose Stevens

Vice Captain - Donavan Wright

Cricklade (Green)

Captain - George

Vice Captain - Alysson Kinata

Dulverton (Yellow)

Captain - David Sangojimni

Vice Captain - Charley McKatherine

Chatteris (Blue)

Captain - Beth King

Vice Captain - Tommy Terry

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