Friday 21 September 2012

Year 6 Prefects Announced

Congratulations to the pupils who have been selected as prefects for the upcoming year. Having trustworthy, mature and helpful pupils to carry out jobs within the school is an enormous help. The pupils had to identify the skills they thought would be needed and then write a letter of application. Myself, Mrs Higginson and Miss Rutherford discussed the applications and came to the following decision… it wasn’t easy!

All of the pupils will be presented with a badge to show their position and we look forward to working closely with them this year. We know that their conduct and attitude will be a great example to all the other pupils.
Thomas Doidge

Ellie Cater

Toheeb Gbadamosi

Emanuel Pala

Callum Morton

Bobbi Jade Hek

Taylor Barnfield

Tyler Francisco


Charley McKatherine

Ella Wheal

Amy Mason

Junior Makina

Mia Rose Stevens

Connor Nicolson

Leah Webb

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