Wednesday 26 September 2012

Clubs Update

The first week of our extracurricular club provision has gone very well. Just so you are aware…
 Overall: We offered a total of 23 separate clubs: 2 morning, 5 lunchtime & 16 after school.
EYFS / KS1: 8 clubs offered & 126 places have now been allocated,
 KS2: 17 clubs offered & 290 places have been allocated.
I am sure you can appreciate that it is a massive undertaking to get all of the organization for these clubs in place. There are just a couple of things you can do to help us.
  1. If your child has a football club place, they must bring kit suitable for going outside. Many of the KS1 pupils just had their PE kit. Even when it is raining, they will go outside. They must have trainers/boots, a separate kit to their PE clothes and a jacket. Rain and mud are great for the children… but highly destructive to white t-shirts and plimsolls! Without suitable kit they may not be allowed to take part in the activity.
  2. Practice with your child the art of getting undressed in an organized fashion. We do our best to manage the children, but it is not easy to keep all of their clothes apart when they use a scatter bomb approach to changing. Simple tips like: put your socks in your shoes and put your clothes back into your PE bag, would make a huge difference.

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