Sunday 9 September 2012

Richard Gets Straight To It!

When faced with the resumption of early mornings, the reintroduction of handwriting and having to concentrate on topic work, many children take a few days to get back in the groove. However that doesn't apply to Richard. From the very first day back he has been beavering away. With his ears pricked and pencil sharpened he has shown that 6 weeks off can improve performance.

First he demolished the maths work he was given by Miss Moran... even managing to solve the tricky word problems. In the line ups and around school he has remembered to have his shirt tucked in for the full 360 degrees. Finally he produced a stunning piece of work based on the story of Medusa.

Although we've only had three days to remember our VCOP techniques, Richard has already included many of them: powerful words (hideous, stench, tangled), adjectival strings and good punctuation.

Well done Richard... a great start back!

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