Tuesday 4 September 2012

Breaktime Snacks From September

Over the course of last year it became apparent that there are many children who do not have a healthy snack in the morning – particularly in Key Stage 2. I am convinced of the argument that says ‘you are what you eat’!

This year I have seen crisps, iced buns, chocolate raisins, chewy strawberries and Mars bars! None of these can be said to be healthy snacks. It is our responsibility as a school to encourage the children to adopt healthy lifestyles. As a result we will be providing free fruit for a term for all the children in the school. There will continue to be the service provided by our cook Mandy who sells healthy snacks at break time (please check the website for more information).

Pupils will only be allowed to bring in fruit for their morning snack. They can either have the free fruit or buy from Mandy. Crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks, sugary drinks (Oasis & Lucozade) and iced buns will be banned.

  1. Bring in your own piece of fruit which may include: banana, pot of real strawberries (not the chewy version), grapes or an apple
  2. Don't bring in anything, but choose from the free fruit which will be available for all children
  3. Bring in money to purchase items from Mandy's kitchen at break time
All other snacks - crisps, cereal bars etc are not acceptable.

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