Monday 5 January 2015

Adult College - Courses for Parents

This year we are continuing with our real life skills programme. There are two key approaches.

  1. Enabling pupils to meet with professionals from different careers to hear about the qualifications, skills and qualities they need to access those jobs.
  2. Providing training and learning opportunities for parents. Working in partnership with the Havering Adult College we are able to offer a number of maths, ICT, English and family based courses.
Last week Miss Taylor organised a craft evening for families to come in and work with the children. It was a very successful event which mums, dads and children all enjoyed!

It provided us with a great chance to do something together that we normally wouldn't do. Jobs like cleaning, ironing and cooking often get in the way!

We'd like to do more of this, but we haven't always got the resources in. The course leader provided everything that we needed and that made it so easy.

Keep an eye out in the Spring term as we will be offering more opportunities for parents. This was a lovely opportunity for all of the parents to work closely with their children.  As parents, we all know that when we try to do activities like this at home we often get distracted with the household chores.

Look out for the jewellery making workshop at the end of January.  By the way, as stated on the flyer, these courses are run by Havering Council and are free of charge.

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