Tuesday 27 January 2015

Young Voices 2015

Pupils from Broadford Primary travelled to the O2 on Monday to perform in the Young Voices choir event.

Young Voices is an organisation designed to unify children from across the regions, boost their confidence and provide lifelong memories for them and their families.

'Our pupils have been practicing the dance routines and learning the songs in their music lessons since September! We have also run an after school club to ensure they were all pitch perfect.'
Lois Nicholls - Deputy Headteacher

Young Voices is the world’s largest children’s choir and has a long standing history spanning 18 years. The spectacular events have featured an impressive array of top talent including Katherine Jenkins, Alexandra Burke & Beverley Knight. Altogether the national event covers London, Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield, giving the opportunity to over 110,000 children all over the UK to participate and enjoy the experience of singing.

'We have found this event to be a marvellous way of showcasing the children's singing and providing them with a truly memorable experience. It also allows our parents to come and take part - hearing 8,500 young voices together is quite an experience!'
Malcolm Drakes - Headteacher

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