Friday 16 January 2015

University of Broadford - Maths Champions

This week in Maths Champions the children were learning about Caesar Ciphers. This is a basic encrypting system to help you write secret messages. After deciphering the puzzle on the board, the children had a go at writing their own names and then creating messages to each other.

Although many had not done code breaking before they had some great ideas...


  • Look for the most popular letter in the message... it is probably an 'e' - Oliver Year 5
  • I looked at letters which repeated in words and saw if I could guess a word that would fit - Sam Year 6

In the tangram activity the children had the challenge of making animal shapes, using the puzzle cards to help them.


  • I didn't want to look at the answer side of the card, but it did help me. When I tried the bear design a second time, we were much quicker at putting it together! - Lewis Year 5

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