Thursday 8 January 2015

University of Broadford

Why do we have the University of Broadford?

Pupil choice - We believe that it is a vital for children to have the autonomy to make choices about their learning and to take pleasure in learning something new.

Broadford’s curriculum - We believe that our Broadford pupils are entitled to a wide range of opportunities and a personalised curriculum.

Celebration - We believe that we should be celebrating the skills, gifts and talents of all our pupils.

Challenge - We believe that we should offer enrichment that provides challenge for all learners (basic, advanced and deep understanding)

Teachers choice – Teachers should be given opportunities to teach their passion how they would like to teach.


How does it work?

·         During the spring term the University of Broadford will be open for 1 hour a week on Friday afternoon between 1-2pm.

·         The children in year groups 2-6 will choose which degree they would like to work towards.

·         Children will be able to work with other pupils across the year groups.
University of Broadford commences on Friday 9th January 2015. Pupils will start work towards their chosen degrees and parents will be invited to graduation ceremonies in March. We are all looking forward to this very exciting opportunity.

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