Wednesday 14 January 2015

Broadford University - Maths Champions

In the first of their 10 Maths Champion sessions, the children faced two main challenges.

  1. Learning the rules of the game 24
  2. Solving some tangram puzzles
For the first activity the children had to use their skills with numbers and compete to see who could win the card first. The second activity required them to work in small teams to make the mystery shapes.

When we did the tangrams we had to really help each other. I couldn't work out how to make the square with all the pieces. By listening to each other and sharing the pieces we were able to get closer. Then we had some support from one of the other teams to help us complete it. 
Mason - Year 5

Some of the 24 game cards are really hard. The game sounded easy... it only uses numbers from 1-9. However I had to really think about how to use the different operations to get to the answer. I did think about giving up, but I stuck with it and managed to solve it before the timer went off.
Sophie - Year 5

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