Wednesday 21 June 2017

Broadford take Gold at Drapers' Sports' Day

On Monday, Broadford's Athletics team had one of the best sporting achievements we have ever experienced.

The year 2-6 Athletics team took part in a Sports' Day run by Drapers' Academy. All of the schools in the cluster took part and it was a great opportunity for these talented children to excel.

With it being one of the hottest days of the year, not only did we have the other schools to compete against but we also had the difficulty of staying focused and hydrated. Luckily, we had some very supportive staff and parents to remind the children to keep drinking water and encourage them to do their best.

The resilience and reciprocity shown by the children throughout the day was without doubt the best we have ever seen here at Broadford. Even though as individuals they knew they wanted to succeed, they were fully aware that working as a team was the most important aspect of the day. The support and encouragement they gave each other was admirable.

The day started off very well: the year 4 boys won every sprint race they took part in with Timi Adelowo breaking his current personal best; Elizabeth Ositelu and Adebare Olugbodi set new personal bests in the long jump and won by a mile; Martin Wicher was on fire with his throwing, making the longest throw of the day; and Ranita Ariyibi cruised to victory in the triple jump as she cleared the mat!

The children continued to try their very best throughout the day. The final event was the event which everyone had been waiting for - the relay races. Year 2, 3, 5 and 6 had tricky races but all managed to finish in relatively high positions. The highlight of the relay races was the year 4 race: it was spectacular! Ranita, Timi, Adebare, Caydon, Weronika, Daniel, Ja'Shayla and Sonia ran the best we have ever seen them run. Not only was their running fantastic but their change overs were spectacular too and we comfortably took 1st place - a great achievement!

It then came to finding out the results: Year 2 came 3rd, taking Bronze; Year 4 came 2nd, taking Silver; Year 5 came 1st, taking Gold; and finally Year 6 also came 2nd, taking Silver.

"The winners for year 5 was just about to be announced, I had everything crossed! They named 3rd place - it wasn't Broadford. Then 2nd place - it wasn't Broadford and finally 1st... from out of nowhere, I heard Broadford!!! I jumped to my feet and high fived Ijeoma in excitement, this is one of my biggest achievements at Broadford so far!" Sienna Nickson - Year 5

Once the year group winners had been announced, it was time for the OVERALL WINNER. They announced 3rd place first, a very big well done to Drapers Brookside. In 2nd place, Mead - a very well done to them too. Then, a very tense moment - everyone was silent. All of a sudden we heard, Brrroooooaaaaddddfffooooorrrddd, everyone shot to their feet, jumped with joy and hugged one and other.

"This was the best day of my life so far. Everyone worked together, tried their hardest and believed in themselves. My favourite event was the sprint race, even though if was very tough I managed to come first in my race, a great achievement for me!" Elizabeth Ositelu - Year 6

"What a day it was! Even though it was very hot, we all tried our best and most importantly we enjoyed ourselves. As the winner was about to be announced I felt extremely nervous, I did not expect to hear Broadford. When I did I shot to my feet in happiness and jumped as high as I could. Miss Cook then said I could collect the trophy, I felt honored!" Isaac Wright - Year 6 


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