Sunday 4 June 2017

Digital Leader - Online Safety Workshops

In May our Digital Leaders from Mead & Broadford came together to create an Online Safety Matters presentation for use in our schools. This initiative is aimed at empowering our pupils to use the internet positively while staying safe. We will also be presenting this to parents to help equip them with the tools to keep children protected online. 

So far, we have reached out to over 400 pupils! We have also trained over 40 digital leaders to redeliver the workshops to even more children and parents in the future.

The Workshops
In the workshops, parents and children can explore together:
  • How they connect with others online
  • Likes and dislikes about the internet
  • How to get the most out of the internet and use it positively
  • Ways in which people can misuse the information shared online
  • How online and internet access matter for the promotion and protection of children’s rights.
It was a bit nerve wracking having to stand up in front of all the other pupils, but my team helped to to complete the presentation.
Amelia - Year 5

Working with the Mead pupils was great fun. We were able to collaborate effectively on Google Drive and share our ideas.
Jack Eve - Year 5

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