Friday 30 June 2017

Front Page News!

Broadford Primary has made the front page today! Make sure you get a copy of the paper to mark the TES Award from last week. There are some fantastic pictures of the children inside... and more available online.

The positive feedback from so many of our parents, pupils, school colleagues, friends and family has been amazing this week. We are so humbled and grateful for the recognition that has been given to our whole school community. A week on it is still only just sinking in that the TES judging team choose us as Primary and then Overall school of the year! 

It is a great reminder that the four Rs we talk about so often can enable you to achieve great things. The resilience to keep going when the obstacles are plentiful, the resourcefulness to try new approaches, the reciprocity required to build new teams and create a shared vision and the reflectiveness to be constantly trying to improve every aspect of what we do. 

Everyone has worked so hard to transform Broadford from a school that people would avoid and parents would shun, to a place where everyone is proud to work and attend. It shows that what you do does make a difference, that people do notice and care and that Harold Hill is somewhere where dreams do come true! 

Thank you again to you, our parents and families. As we promised, this award isn't the end, it is the inspiration to strive even harder to provide the best education we can for our pupils and to create the best school environment for all. Our two schools (Mead & Broadford) are so much stronger for the shared relationship with each other. We view this as a team achievement and reflection of the effort that ALL of our Learning Federation staff have put in to change, adapt, improve and refine approaches across the whole organisation.

Have a fabulous Friday!

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