Friday 30 June 2017

Harold Hill Volunteers Awards

We were delighted to see that twelve Harold Hill community awards were handed out to the Hill’s unsung heroes. They represented the people and organisations which serve the Harold Hill community and help make a positive impact on it.

Those receiving awards included the Harold Hill food bank, Friends of Dagnam Park, Chris and Kerry Cooper for running the community Facebook page and the drama group Habit factory. 

The awards night was organised and hosted by Church 1v23. 

“As a church, we love Harold Hill. It is important to say thank you and acknowledge the contributions community members and organisations make. Contributions which collectively are very significant, but are often overlooked. We are very grateful to AAH Pharmaceuticals for sponsoring the awards.” 
Rev Alexandra Ellish

“It was a true honour to be meeting so many people who give up their time to help others and to make Harold Hill a better place." 
Jan Sargent & Lorraine Moss (rewarded for their work in supporting the community)

Lisa O’Flynn, who volunteers on several parent associations said: 

“The event welcomed families across Harold Hill, the evening was one I will remember and feel proud that I am part of a remarkable team.” 

Alison Shorter, one of Church1v23’s leaders, said “many people give up their time to make Harold Hill what it is, some, like us are inspired by our faith, for others it’s a passion to see Harold Hill be all it can be. We asked children to hand out the awards, because they are the ones who will benefit for the longest due to these great people's kindness and service.

A full list of the winners can be found on the Church1v23 Facebook Page

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