Friday 27 April 2012

Broadford Bulls Blast Competition

Today saw the Havering Schools Basketball competition - which was hosted by the YMCA. Led by Mrs Higginson and Mrs Byrne, the children had high hopes of competing well in the group. Dribbling, shooting and passing skillfully the children made short work of Scotts in their first game.

Afterwards there was a physical encounter with a strong St Joseph's team. However the children did not let it bother them and they bounced into the final match.

Unfortunately Parklands were just to quick and it was difficult to win the ball back.

Match 1 Broadford 8 Scotts Primary 2

Match 2 Broadford 2 St Josephs 10

Match 3 Broadford 0 Parklands 6

Without a doubt the children performed brilliantly and enjoyed the competition. Well done to the Broadford Bulls!

"It was great to finally find some other children as tall as me!" Shope - Year 6

"Scoring a basket was brilliant - we played really well." Elsaf - Year 6

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