Monday 2 April 2012

The Farm Comes To Visit

On Monday, the EYFS were very fortunate to have a mobile farm, courtesy of Kidsrome - The Farm on the move, come and visit our setting!

It was great, the children in both Nursery sessions, Reception and even Year One spent time on 'The Farm' and they were able to meet a selection of animals including a cow, donkey, goat, sheep, chickens, ducks and a very well behaved dog called Jasmine.

The children learnt about the animals, what they eat and how to care for them. They also learnt about the roles that the animals play on the farm and what foods some of them produce.

After the visit, the staff in the EYFS used this opportunity to link the children's learning to this fun day, the children studied the animals before producing observational drawings of them in the outdoor area.
They chose a farm animal to write about and using their fantastic knowledge of phonics, the children, particularly in Reception, were able to write facts about their favourite animals.

What with the visit and the fine weather that we had this week, it truly was a day on the farm to remember!

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